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The Fish House Fistral View The Fish House, Fistral, is one of my favourite restaurants to go to when I am back home in Cornwall – and this used to be purely based on the beautiful view and incredible location. Set in the small complex of restaurants and shops on Fistral beach, it’s a small restaurant that you used to have to book at least a few weekends in advance – especially if there was a bigger group of you. I’ve recently been twice, and one of these times was my Mum and I just heading down on a whim and being lucky enough to grab a table and sitting outside for drinks before heading inside for food. It’s such a lovely location even for a drink!

I’ve only recently started to actually like eating fish – I was always laughed at for being the girl from Cornwall who only liked fish fingers or battered cod when it was covered in large amounts of salt and vinegar! However this past year or two I’ve been trying to be more open to trying new foods, and have discovered a lot of fish that I actually do like! Still not ‘fishy-fish’, but I’m getting there…

We headed down to The Fish House on a Thursday evening, which turned out to be a really beautiful summers night. The tide was in, so the waves were crashing right beneath us and full of surfers trying to make the most of the rest of the daylight. We had a table booked, but asked if we could eat our starters outside and watch the sunset.

The Fish House Fistral View

I ordered the Scallops to start – which I always order. I usually love to try different things and hate to order the same, but they are just so good! They are cooked with an Asian twist, and served with spring onion, soy sauce, sesame and some coriander. I love coriander, but if you’re not a fan then you can take it off and they’re still just as delicious!

The Fish House Fistral Scallops
The others went for another Asian inspired dish, which was an Asian Tuna Salad off the specials board. This they said was amazing – it definitely looked it! I don’t like Tuna so didn’t try this one for myself, but I trust it was as good as it looked.

The Fish House Fistral Tuna

Also on the specials board for the evening was Lobster! This is a favourite of mine, so I went for it. I usually go for their Tempura Cod Main which is always really good, but I thought I’d go for something else this time. It was cooked perfectly with garlic butter and served with a bowl of chips (which I also soaked in garlic butter!). I still haven’t really mastered the art of eating Lobster without making a mess and getting it everywhere, but it doesn’t matter how silly I look when it tastes so great!

The Fish House Fistral Lobster

If you don’t like fish, there is also a vegetarian option on the menu or you can go for the steak! Don’t let the name ‘The Fish House’ stop you from going, as although it is mainly fish there is something for everyone. After our main course we then headed back outside to sit with blankets and have one last drink listening to the waves crash against the rocks below. Whenever I am back in Cornwall this is one of my favourite places to go for dinner, especially in the summer when you can sit outside. It’s a small, family run place with such friendly staff – I’d definitely recommend you make the trip to The Fish House and see for yourself!

Charlotte Rick x


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