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So Festival season has officially started, but the best is still yet to come… GLASTONBURY! I am honestly so excited for next week, and praying for it to be dry (though if it’s not, who cares… That’s what UK festivals are all about, right?). My glasto group chat with the girls has been hectic, and the main questions seem to be ‘what do I need to bring?!’. We’ve got a few newbies coming this year and packing for a such a big festival can seem pretty daunting when you have no idea what you need, especially when you’re there for nearly a week. So here it is, my complete festival packing list! Thanks to my group chat for some of the things in here, and if I’ve forgotten anything you deem essential, make sure you let me know in the comments. For all of you who aren’t sure what you’d need, or just find it much easier to follow a list than to remember it all yourself (me included)!

Side note: I’m from the UK. So this may differ a little to other countries due to the fact it rains here A LOT!
p.s none of these photos were taken by me (as they’re all of me) so credit to my friends who did take them <3

Camping bits

  • tent
    (kinda essential – duh)
  • blow up mattress/roll mat/camp bed
    I always go for a blow-up mattress as it’s comfier than a mat but much lighter than a bed! I once just didn’t take anything which I wouldn’t recommend. I don’t usually take my own pump as you can get them blown up at stalls that sell them at the festival!
  • sleeping bag
  • camping chairs
    (optional, but every time I don’t have them I really wish I did)
  • torch/light
  • duct tape
    … ok so this is courtesy of Bonnie, and we were all like, what? But then she proceeded to tell us that it can come in very useful! Think tent repairs, wellie repairs.. hanging a mirror to the side of the tent… also useful for just taping stuff together to carry on your way there/way back!
  • mirror
    Of some kind, to do your make up. Much easier than using the tiny little ones in your eyeshadow compact!
  • a little towel
    If you think you’ll get the chance to shower/wash… not a luxury I’ve ever had! Also handy if you decide to wash your hair under a tap. The little camping ones are much easier to fit in than an actual one.
    Molly and I stealing someone else’s chairs at Glastonbury 2017…


  • funky outfits
    I always try and plan these in advance to avoid overpacking, but again this depends on the weather!
  • a WATERPROOF coat.
    Might seem like an obvious one, but buying a ‘festival mac’ off boohoo is NOT waterproof. I learnt this the hard way!
  • a jumper
    (for when it’s cold, also makes a great pillow)
  • lots and lots of socks. & some thick ones for wellies!
  • tights
    Great to put in your bag in case it gets cold later on in the evening!
  • wellies
    Have you seen pictures from Download festival this year? I saw one headline dubbing it ‘drownload’….
  • boots/trainers
    That are comfy & you don’t mind getting a bit wrecked. I’ve got my trusty doc martens & a pair of black AF1s I save just for festivals that have never let me down. I bought them off Depop second hand for like £20 especially for festivals rather than pay full price!
  • flip flops/sliders
    For when you need to run to the toilet/walk around the tent and quickly slip something on. Barefoot at a festival is NOT a good idea.
  • underwear
    Aaaaand check that it is right for your outfits (how many times have I forgotten my strapless bra)!
  • something to sleep in
    You never know how hot/cold a tent is gonna be, so I usually take some comfy leggings & little shorts and a big t-shirt.
    Masked Ball outfits > any other outfits


  • sunglasses
  • hat
    For longer festivals like Glastonbury I find it’s much easier to disguise how bad your hair looks by the end with a hat. Also great for when you’re hungover in the morning and really not okay with the sun in your face.
  • hair bands!
    And clips and all that – make sure to bring everything for the hairstyles you’re planning!
  • jewellery
  • small bag
    For the last few years, I’ve used my Longchamp backpack without fail, it’s waterproof and the right size for everything I need to fit in it!

First aid, toiletries & other bits

  • plasters
    (normal & blister ones)
  • painkillers
    (ibuprofen & paracetamol)
  • wet wipes/make up wipes
  • deodorant
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • hairbrush
  • dry shampoo (!!)
    Unless you have the luxury of somehow washing your hair, normal shampoo/conditioner (though really, who actually is able to do that? unless it’s under a freezing cold tap..)
  • glitter/gems/any fun stuff you wanna stick on your face.
  • suncream.
    Even if it’s not meant to be sunny, just take it incase as you never know with British weather!
  • moisturiser
  • hand sanitiser
  • toilet roll
  • makeup
  • a water bottle!
    Glastonbury are having water refill stations, and most festivals do this now too to save you from buying countless plastic bottles. 
  • eye mask for sleeping
    if you’re coming back in the early morning as the sun is rising, this is the best way to try and shut it out! 

Electrical stuff

  • power banks/portable chargers & the right leads!
    I’m taking my phone charger and also my Fitbit charger – I do so many steps at festivals so I’m not risking it running out!
  • camera
    I’m taking my little one but most of my friends take disposables or use their phones. My phone is rubbish & I always forget to develop disposables!
  • headphones
    if you wanna sleep but it’s noisy, or you’ve got a long journey on your way there.

Food & drink

Obviously, I can’t tell you what to eat and drink (lol), but a few tips…

  • alcohol, be careful as most festivals don’t allow glass bottles so decant this first into a plastic one!
  • If you’re taking food that requires cutlery, actually remember the cutlery!
  • plastic cups!

I think that just about covers everything, but if I’ve forgotten anything let me know! As the years go on, I try and bring less and less stuff as I hate carrying a heavy bag around. But these are what I consider the essentials – though I’m sure you can get away with much less I like to be prepared! One year at Bestival, we all took blow-up animals as our mascots. 5 years later and a little deflated, Rupert the flamingo still lives on (somewhere in storage at my Mum’s house!). As much fun as sharing my festival experience with him was, I’ve realised that taking extra things like that is just added annoyance when too hungover, too hot and too weak to carry everything back to your car on the Monday morning!

Rupert and I

I hope if you’re going to a festival this summer that you’ve found this list helpful – and most importantly, enjoy yourselves!

Here is the list for you to download & print if you want it >>>> Festival Packing List  or click through the photo below 🙂

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Festival Packing List


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