Festival Packing Guide & Downloadable Checklist!

So Festival season has officially started, but the best is still yet to come… GLASTONBURY! I am honestly so excited for next week, and praying for it to be dry (though if it’s not, who cares… That’s what UK festivals are all about, right?). My glasto group chat with the girls has been hectic, andContinue Reading “Festival Packing Guide & Downloadable Checklist!”


Discovering Vietnam’s Abandoned Water Park

Something totally different and unique to see in Vietnam is Hue’s abandoned waterpark. Just a short drive out of the main town, it’s creepy yet beautiful for all the right reasons. If you like to get off the beaten track and discover places, this is definitely for you! Hue wasn’t one of our main destinationsContinue Reading “Discovering Vietnam’s Abandoned Water Park”


Happy 1st Birthday To My Blog! Blogging: 1 Year On Review

Happy Birthday to my blog!! It’s been roughly a year, so I thought I’d write a little post about blogging. It’s different from what I usually post, but I’ve been totally honest about my struggles with blogging, in addition to why I love it so much! I’ve also given a little background into why IContinue Reading “Happy 1st Birthday To My Blog! Blogging: 1 Year On Review”


Photo Diary: A Magical Afternoon in Bruges, Belgium

For my birthday in January, I was surprised with a whole adventure planned out for me, step by step. The first stop on this adventure was Bruges, a beautifully picturesque city (though it’s really not big!) in Belgium. I spent my birthday in Disneyland Paris, but as we drove there we decided to spend anContinue Reading “Photo Diary: A Magical Afternoon in Bruges, Belgium”


7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Stockholm

I’ve just got back from spending a few days in Stockholm, Sweden, which were absolutely perfect. The flights were a total impulse buy, as I found them in the Ryanair black Friday sale for £5 each way! I booked them for a little Valentine’s day getaway without much hesitation, as I couldn’t say no toContinue Reading “7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Stockholm”


Kickstarting My New Year’s Resolution Of Getting Fit With David Lloyd, Westbury

I was lucky enough to be invited down to David Lloyd Clubs in Westbury for the day, to make use of their facilities and have an hour session with one of their personal trainers. I won’t lie, I was pretty nervous beforehand. I go through stages of being really good & going to the gymContinue Reading “Kickstarting My New Year’s Resolution Of Getting Fit With David Lloyd, Westbury”