As you can probably tell, I love writing! Although my blog is mostly travel based, I have many other interests which I plan to bring in to my blog in the near future, so my writing is not confined to travel. If you’d like to get in touch with regards to anything PR related, please do! I’m always happy to write about experiences or review anything that I would personally be interested in. My contact details can be found on the ‘Get In Touch’ page of the blog.

I recently made the decision to go freelance full-time and say goodbye to the 9-5! I’ve worked on freelance projects on the side of my main job for the last couple of years, and after recently being made redundant from my job in PR, I decided to not look for another full time job and instead focus on these. I am looking for new clients, so if you think I could benefit your business in any way or would just like to have a chat about what I could do for you, please get in touch!

My previous experience includes:

Social Media Management

Basic Web Design

Content Creation

Graphic Design




Digital Photography

With a degree in Marketing and several years experience in the industry (particularly digital), I have worked with a range of different clients in different industries, from food companies to musicians and  the event industry. I currently have clients which are an ongoing, but am also happy to do ad-hoc jobs too – just drop me an email at or message me on LinkedIn.