The Travel Diaries: Ko Lanta, Thailand

Ko Lanta wasn’t originally on our itinerary, but we had some time free at the end of the trip whilst on the west coast of Thailand. When I’d first looked at a map I’d thought Ko Lanta was much further away, but actually when I properly looked I realised it was really close to PhiContinue Reading “The Travel Diaries: Ko Lanta, Thailand”


The Travel Diaries: Where To Next?

We’d decided after 10 or so days of island hopping the east coast we’d save travelling the west coast (Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi etc) for the end of the trip. So, where now? Our next country we’d planned to go to after Thailand was Cambodia, and our original plan had been to fly from PhuketContinue Reading “The Travel Diaries: Where To Next?”


The Travel Diaries: Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao was the island that had been most recommended to us by friends when we’d said we were coming to Thailand, and immediately as we pulled up to the port in the ferry I could see why. The water here is the clearest I’ve ever seen – which makes it no surprise that KohContinue Reading “The Travel Diaries: Koh Tao, Thailand”


The Travel Diaries: Koh Phangan, Thailand

As part of our island hopping off the east coast, we next travelled to Koh Phangan. Koh Phangan is close to Koh Samui, and we were lucky to get the 1.30pm express boat and arrive by 2pm! We were staying at a place called The Friendly Resort & Spa which cost us £24 for twoContinue Reading “The Travel Diaries: Koh Phangan, Thailand”


The Travel Diaries: Bangkok, Thailand

We’re finally off on our adventures around South East Asia, starting with the crazy city of Bangkok! Like the majority of people who come over here, we flew into Bangkok so made it our first place to explore. We flew from Gatwick to Kiev, then Kiev to Bangkok with Ukraine Airlines – which was aContinue Reading “The Travel Diaries: Bangkok, Thailand”