The Travel Diaries: Cam Ranh, Vietnam

We drove to Cam Ranh from Phan Rang, which was the most beautiful drive! The road followed the coast, with the sea to the right of us and incredible mountains to the left. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. We stopped a few times just to take it all in, as this wasContinue Reading “The Travel Diaries: Cam Ranh, Vietnam”


The Travel Diaries: Phan Rang, Vietnam

Phan Rang was another town that was a quick stopover whilst continuing on our route up the coast. From Mui Ne our next place we wanted to go was Cam Ranh, then Nha Trang. However, doing all of that in one day would’ve been a lot of driving. We looked and found the little townContinue Reading “The Travel Diaries: Phan Rang, Vietnam”


The Travel Diaries: Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne, the next diary on our coastal road trip! We hadn’t originally planned on staying in Mui Ne when we did, but ended up driving further as we didn’t find anywhere worth spending the night in on the way. We’d driven from Long Hai to La Gi, which only took a couple hours. We’dContinue Reading “The Travel Diaries: Mui Ne, Vietnam”


The Travel Diaries: Long Hai, Vietnam

We were only in Long Hai for a night, but it was a perfect little stop over on our road trip! A couple of hours out of Ho Chi Minh, Long Hai was the first town we drove to to begin our journey up the coast. It is just north of Vung Tau, a muchContinue Reading “The Travel Diaries: Long Hai, Vietnam”


The Travel Diaries: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

We finally made it to Vietnam! After a few delays in Cambodia, we were itching to get to Vietnam and start what we’d agreed to be the proper part of the adventure. We had the bike, we had the visas – we couldn’t wait! Ho Chi Minh was our first stop, and from there we’dContinue Reading “The Travel Diaries: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam”


The Travel Diaries: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We didn’t originally plan on going to Phnom Penh, but ended up making the trip from Kampot to collect our visas for Vietnam! We hadn’t really thought about it, and had just assumed that we could purchase them upon entry. However when we actually looked into it, the website told us the only way toContinue Reading “The Travel Diaries: Phnom Penh, Cambodia”